Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chewie- a little mohair bear

Here's my newest little guy.

He's not completely finished yet, as I haven't decided what his accessories will be.

He's has a big head compared to his tiny little body. :)

He likes his hair messy-like, and loves to keep someone company.

He is made from a lovely sparse German mohair, and is fully jointed so he's completely poseable. He has hand blown glass eyes, and a cute embroidered nose. His little tush is filled with bb's for weight.

He could sit up on his own, but cannot stand without assistance (thanks to his big head!).


Sitting with a scarf:
Standing (look at his little body!!)
Have you guys been to plushparade? It's a blog started by the talented qdpatooties.
It's full of new creations from plush makers around the world.

Good for new inspiration!

1 comment:

i suck at sewing said...

he is so cute, puts to shame the little frog i just made and will post about tomorrow, but i am still learning. when i grow up i wanna be just like u. xx