Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I swapped recently with the very talented Jenny from Jennylovesbenny. She makes the most adorable bears!

I wanted one of her SUPER cute patterns, and in return I sent her some knitted goodies, and some of my handspun yarn.

She wanted some baggy overalls in either a red or a turquoise color, so off to Australia it went!

She sent me this pic of the her sweet bear Biscotti wearing it.

Doesn't he look ADORABLE? I must say, the overalls are a Bit too big. tee hee.


Rumi is one of my first needlefelt babies. She is a one of a kind needlefelt rabbit. Needlefelt with 100% hand dyed merino wool. She is very soft to the touch! She has handmade German glass eyes, and a little felt bag of copper coated beads in her tush for weight.

All of my needlefelt creatures will be one of a kind, which truly makes them a special find. She will come with a birth certificate signed by me- and indicating that she is one of a kind!

Rumi is my first character on ebay. You could visit her here:

Ebay: Rumi

She'll be up for 7 days.

Be prepared for more wooly goodness! :)

It's a new day!

Ah, starting a NEW craft blog. I had all of my blogs for each of my separate ventures on different pages, but I'm now putting them under bitsiebrand.

Here you will find my crafty ventures in handknit treasures, handspun yarn, hand-dyed goodies, mohair artist bears, needlefelt goodies, and whatever other crafts I decide to pick up!