Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chewie- a little mohair bear

Here's my newest little guy.

He's not completely finished yet, as I haven't decided what his accessories will be.

He's has a big head compared to his tiny little body. :)

He likes his hair messy-like, and loves to keep someone company.

He is made from a lovely sparse German mohair, and is fully jointed so he's completely poseable. He has hand blown glass eyes, and a cute embroidered nose. His little tush is filled with bb's for weight.

He could sit up on his own, but cannot stand without assistance (thanks to his big head!).


Sitting with a scarf:
Standing (look at his little body!!)
Have you guys been to plushparade? It's a blog started by the talented qdpatooties.
It's full of new creations from plush makers around the world.

Good for new inspiration!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


I don't know why it takes me so long to post new pictures!

Here's my newest baby:

Introducing "Petal":

She's quite a shy one, she likes to keep to herself, and loves hugs and kisses. She would make a someone a great cuddly friend.

She's made with Schulte mohair, in a light greyish blue color. Her eyes are hand blown glass, she is filled with premium cotton fiberfill, and has bb's in her tush for added weight. She is fully jointed, and poseable. Her nose is a soft embroidered cotton.

She is approximately 6 inches standing, but she needs assistance to stand.

She is wearing a little merino scarf I crocheted for her.

She's my first little "Japanese style bear". I love her! I think there might be different variations of her coming.

If you are interested in adopting her, she is available in my etsy shop.

I'm currently working on another bear with a significantly bigger head than her body- the authentic amigurumi/nuigurumi style.

I'll take some progress pics next time. :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Babies up for adoption!

My first furbabies are up for adoption!

Pancake and Sakura have now been posted at the shop!

Pay them a little visit!


Thursday, May 8, 2008

New Babies

It's been rough around these parts, being 8 months pregnant really drains you!

From working on baby knits to crocheting, I finally have a chance to take a breather and present to you my new little babies!

Presenting: Pancake

He's lovingly hand sewn, made with some antique mohair in two different colors. His nose is needle felted from merino wool, and he has lovely hand blown glass eyes. He's filled with premium cotton fiberfill, and he has copper bb's for added weight in his little tush.

He's fully jointed, so he could pose any way you'd like.

Here's Sakura:

My first attempt at my own pattern!

Sakura is my first anime rabbit. Her name is derived from the Japanese Cherry blossom fabric from Japan I acquired in a trade not too long ago. She's such a cutie!

She's fully jointed, made with antique mohair, and has glass eyes. She is filled with premium cotton fiberfill. She has copper bb's in her tush for added weight.

It's crazy the amount of love and attention each "furbaby" takes to make. I hand stitch all of them, so they last a lifetime. I'll be adding little furbaby accessories in my etsy store also!

Both babies will be available for adoption shortly in my etsy store:

the shop

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I swapped recently with the very talented Jenny from Jennylovesbenny. She makes the most adorable bears!

I wanted one of her SUPER cute patterns, and in return I sent her some knitted goodies, and some of my handspun yarn.

She wanted some baggy overalls in either a red or a turquoise color, so off to Australia it went!

She sent me this pic of the her sweet bear Biscotti wearing it.

Doesn't he look ADORABLE? I must say, the overalls are a Bit too big. tee hee.


Rumi is one of my first needlefelt babies. She is a one of a kind needlefelt rabbit. Needlefelt with 100% hand dyed merino wool. She is very soft to the touch! She has handmade German glass eyes, and a little felt bag of copper coated beads in her tush for weight.

All of my needlefelt creatures will be one of a kind, which truly makes them a special find. She will come with a birth certificate signed by me- and indicating that she is one of a kind!

Rumi is my first character on ebay. You could visit her here:

Ebay: Rumi

She'll be up for 7 days.

Be prepared for more wooly goodness! :)

It's a new day!

Ah, starting a NEW craft blog. I had all of my blogs for each of my separate ventures on different pages, but I'm now putting them under bitsiebrand.

Here you will find my crafty ventures in handknit treasures, handspun yarn, hand-dyed goodies, mohair artist bears, needlefelt goodies, and whatever other crafts I decide to pick up!